cs showed the estimated rate of violen▓t crime was 365.5 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants, and the property crime rate w▓as 2,596.1 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants (www.fbi.gov). Many cities in the United States saw large jumps in crime ▓during the first half of 2015: the murder rate rose 48▓ percent and 59 percent compared to the same period of the previous year in Baltimore an

d St. Louis, respectively, said an article carried by the Economist website on December 1, 2015 (www.economist.c▓om, December 1, 2015). James Howell of the U.S. National Gang Center pointed out that in the past five years the United States h▓ad seen an 8 percent increase in the number of gangs, ▓an 11 percent increase in members and a 23 percen▓t increase in gang-related homicides (www.usnews.com,▓ March 6, 2015).Citizen's right of life could not be guaranteed with the rampant use of guns. Statistics showed that there were more than 300 million guns in the United States which ha

tened by violent crime


d a population of more than 300 million. Over the past decade, mo▓re than 4 million U.S. citizens became victims ▓of assaults, robberies and other gun▓-related crimes. According to a toll report by the Gun Violence Archive, there were a total of 51,675 gun violence incidents in the

s. According to the report


United States last year as o▓f December 28, including 329 mass shootings. Altogether▓ 13,136 were killed and 26,493 injured (www.gunviolencear▓chive.org, December 28, 2015). According to t▓he report "Crime in the United States" released by the FBI in 2015, firearms we

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